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A site for parents of hard of hearing & deaf children.
In the News - News articles about hearing impairment, new technologies, and other related materials.
Articles & Commentary - Our editorial section. Articles written by us and by professionals in the field.
Resources & Information - Our largest section. Dedicated to helping you find the information you need. Everything from educational information, sources financial support, mental health support and more!
Facts & Figures - A brief "stat sheet" with information about just how common hearing impairment is, particularly in children.
Discussion Forum - What we hope will be hallmark of our site. An open forum where you can read and post questions about hearing impairment across a wide variety of categories.
For the Kids - Links to and information just for the kids themselves.

Online Groups, Mailing Lists & Resources

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Don't miss the Help Kids Hear Discussion Forum! A great place for information, ideas and support!

One of the best things about the Internet, is the ability to easily seek out information and share with others. Our own discussion forums are a great example. These are just a few of the online resources available today.

Online Forums

Forums are also essentially bulletin boards. Forums can be found on a wide variety of topics (our own forum area has many topic areas available). Users post messages on a web site which other users can then view and reply to. They are an outstanding way to share ideas, resources and information.

Help Kids Hear Forums - Some of the best discussion groups / forums available are right here! Deafness/HOH Bulletin Board - A very good general discussion forum covering just about every DHH topic out there.

Cued Speech Online Discussion - Cued speech forum.

Deaf, Hard of Hearing Social Workers - A good forum for professionals. Run by Gallaudet University.

DeafNotes - Public forum where participants can discuss controversial issues and topics of interest to the Deaf community.

Hearing Loss Forum - Forum with a number of topic discussion areas.

iVillage Parents of Kids with Hearing Impairments - This board is devoted to parents who would like to connect with other parents that have children with hearing impairments.



Newsgroups are not unlike Online Forums (see above). The biggest difference is that instead of posting and reading messages with your web browser, you must use a separate program (Outlook Express does this as well as many other programs). You must also have access to a "news server" - usually provided by your Internet Service Provider. If you don't know if you have access to this, it is probably best to contact them.

** Clicking on a newsgroup link below should automatically open your newsreader to the group. **


alt.society.deaf - Support group for the deaf / hard of hearing. - Discusses Tinnitus.

bionet.audiology - Newsgroup for audiologists or audiology related questions. The Bionet.audiology Web site has an archive of the discussions.



Listservs are as old as the Internet. They are essentially an ongoing discussion carried out via email. After joining a list, you will receive messages that other members send to the group. Replies to the original message are sent to everyone as well. Essentially, everyone writes emails to everyone else. They are a great way to share ideas and information but the volume of messages can be a bit overwhelming.

American Society for Deaf Children - A listserv for parents of deaf / HoH children.

Auditory Neuropathy Group - Provides information and emotional support to parent's of children diagnosed with Auditory Neuropathy and/or Auditory Dys-synchrony

Better Hearing News Group - Dedicated to the dissemination of interesting and beneficial information for the "Hearing Loss Gang",and more.

Cactus Cuers Group - A group of parents and professionals in Arizona that are interested in learning about and using the Cued Speech system.

Cochlear Implant Group - For everyone interested in cochlear implants

CI Hear Group - A place for hearing loss support, to learn about CIs or share your own experiences, good or bad.

Listen-Up Listserv - An email mailing list with hundreds of members all parents of deaf and HoH children. An outstanding resource.

Meningitis Circle - Meni Circle is an e-mail based support group for parents of children who were deafened by meningitis. Most of the children are cochlear implant users or are being evaluated for a cochlear implant.



Help Kids Hear is a site dedicated to helping parents of deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) children. We are parents of hard of hearing kids and simply want to "give back" to the community. We welcome your comments, questions & suggestions. Please drop us a note at