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Other Assistive Devices

In addition to the primary means of aid, hearing aids and cochlear implants, there are a myriad of other products to assist the deaf and hard of hearing. Their primary purpose is to cut down or eliminate background noise in order to allow the person (or child) to hear better. The teacher's voice is transmitted directly to the hearing aid, thus bypassing any background or ambient noise.

The most common of these devices is an "FM system" - most likely your kids will be wearing one when they go to school.

The teacher wears one half of the system - the transmitter. This is usually a small unit about the size of a cellular phone worn on the waist with a microphone attached.

Typical FM System Transmitter

The other half of the system is the part your child wears. The receiver plug into your child's hearing aid and allow a transmitted signal to broadcast directly to the hearing aid (see pictures below).

A traditional FM receiver. Worn on the waist and plugs directly into the hearing aid.
The newer, very small receivers. These are about 1/5 the size of a BTE hearing aid and plug directly into the bottom of the aid - no wires at all!

Another type of receiving system is one that uses what is called a "loop." The loop is worn around the child's neck and the telecoil in the hearing aids picks up the signal from the transmitter. The hearing aid then passes the signal to the ear.

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