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Deaf Student Honored As 'Hero'

Lindsay Bloomquist has a reputation at Burke High School in Omaha. She gets straight A's, swim laps around her swim team's competitors, and is a cheerleader. She's also deaf.

"She was 12 months old when we learned she was deaf," Cathy Bloomquist, Lindsay's mother.

Rather than sink back from life, Lindsay (pictured, left) grabbed it by the horns. She reads to kids at Omaha elementary schools, setting an example for all children -- particularly the hearing-impaired.

"When they have the opportunity to see successful people who are deaf, they learn they can do anything anybody else can do," said Washington School teacher Deb Thompson.

"I always wanted to come back here, to give back to the community and be a good example for the kids," Bloomquist said after reading to students at her former elementary school. "Don't be down. Be happy with the things you have. That's my philosophy of life."

Bloomquist's example was recognized by the Salvation Army. She was honored with a D.J.'s Hero Award this spring. Lindsay and six other honorees will be the focus of an award luncheon Monday.

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