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Parents of Hearing Impaired Child Start a Web Store Offering Products to Assist Deaf and Hard of Hearing

DEERFIELD BEACH, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 04/20/2004 -- A new web store, Amy's Hearing Depot, is a family owned web store started by Bob and Colleen Bissonnette that is available to assist the deaf and hard of hearing with products such as Assisted Listening Devices (ALD's), amplification and notification products, smoke alarms, telephone and ringers, TTY's and American Sign Language (ASL) software and books.

The Bissonnettes' daughter, Amy now age 5 was diagnosed at birth with moderate hearing loss in both ears. She was the first child who did not pass the infant hearing screening test administered at Boca Raton Community Hospital. At the time, there was a cost of $150.00 for the screening test and it was optional. Fortunately, the test is now mandated by law in 38 states. Early detection is vital in childhood speech development.

According to the Bissonnettes, Amy has been wearing hearing aids since she was 8 weeks old. They thought that was the full solution to her hearing needs. One day while Amy was napping, their dog Augie, a boxer decided to investigate her hearing aids that were on the counter. Investigating them the only way dogs do, by chewing on them. While being repaired, Amy was without her hearing aid for about a month. Amy's Mother said, "Realizing now that while Amy's hearing aids are a key element to her being able to function in a hearing world, we continued to look for more information."

Amy's Hearing Depot is the result of four years of research, trial and error. They found that there was so much new technology, educational material, amplification and notification products and TTY's that they decided it would benefit other individuals by combining it all. The site offer products to assist children to seniors, products that improve hearing on the telephone, watching television more comfortably and being able to engage in one on one and group conversations. According to the Bissonnettes, "We have schools, churches, cities, hotels and places of public venue calling looking for us to set them up with assisted listening systems, smoke alarms and ADA kits to help them comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)." They now offer a complete line of TTY's and they have computer software to help people who cannot afford the expense of a TTY.

Parents of Hearing Impaired Child

As they have grown, Amy's Hearing Depot now offers ASL software, books and educational material for parents, teachers, students and schools. They have had numerous requests for a product catalog which is currently being organized and will be available by fall 2004.

By catching Amy's hearing loss at birth, many speech therapists have said that her speech is on par with children her own age. Her parents have her tested regularly with her audiologist and at this time her hearing has not decreased. Amy will be starting kindergarten this fall and with the help of some of the wonderful technology available, she is on target to be mainstreamed into the elementary school system.

For information:

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Phone toll free at (866) 977-4327

Bob or Colleen Bissonnette
Amy's Hearing Depot
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