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Alexander Graham Bell Montessori School (AGBMS) of Mt. Prospect, IL successfully certified to serve foreign students

September 16, 2003

Re: Alexander Graham Bell Montessori School (AGBMS) of Mt. Prospect successfully certified to serve foreign students.

Agbms offers the only full inclusion program nationwide for deaf and hard-of-hearing children. Outstanding literacy results continue to attract all students.

For more information:
Contact Holly Trueblood: 847-297-4660

MT. PROSPECT, IL. -- The Alexander Graham Bell Montessori School, recognized as the only private school in the country offering a full inclusion program for deaf and hard of hearing children, using the visual-oral Cued Speech system of communication, proudly announces another significant landmark – its successful certification in the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS).

This certification by the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security allows the school to continue serving foreign students who meet the eligibility requirements for non-immigrant students studying in the U.S. Congressman Mark Kirk and his staff have been instrumental in their support and guidance to complete this process in time for the start of the current school year.

AGBMS is a classic Montessori preschool and elementary school for children of ages 3-12, where approximately 25% of the student population is deaf or hard of hearing. The advantages of teaching Cued Speech over traditional sign language have been powerful.
Cued Speech students have been documented to achieve a literacy level comparable to their hearing peers. Historically for students who only learn American Sign Language, expectations for comparable literacy levels are greatly diminished. AGBMS stands at the forefront in helping deaf and hard of hearing students reach their full potential.

AGBMS currently serves one foreign student, Josselin, a profoundly deaf child from Central America. Josselin lives with her sponsor family in the United States, to develop spoken language skills and receive an education. Because of the lack of services in her native country, Josselin had developed NO language in the first six years of her life! But by the end of her first year using Cued Speech – at home and school – Josselin had been able to achieve a language equivalent age of three years. When she completes the elementary program, it is fully expected she will have achieved a level of language proficiency and literacy to match her hearing peers.

AGBMS is a project of the READ Educational Center. READ fosters literacy and empowers deaf and hard of hearing children to achieve their full potential through unique educational options and services. READ is especially well-equipped to serve children with little or no auditory potential, as well as children whose current language abilities are so far below age level that they wouldn't qualify for inclusion into other types of oral programs.

For more information on the Alexander Graham Bell Montessori School, call Holly Trueblood at 847-297-4660. You can also visit their website at For more information on READ Educational Center, see


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